The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival has a strong focus on making sure the comedians are happy by having great shows, quality industry, and stellar parties which is why these comedians say the things they say.

Matt McClowry: Attending The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival is like going on a second honeymoon with comedy and remembering why you fell in love with it in the first place. I don’t know how you do it, Atlanta, but I wish you’d share with everyone else. Amazing scene, amazing festival, and each only seem to get bigger and better with every passing year.

Derek Phelps: If this is how the Laughing Skull Fest is every year, then you can guarantee I’ll be applying next year and urging every funny comic I know to enter as well. Great.

Lace Larrabee: It was so professional, so fun, and so rewarding as a local comic to see my friends bring the house down! I felt a little seed start growing inside of me as a comic this week and I’m going to be watering the hell out of it!

Dusty Slay: I had a great time at the Laughing Skull Festival this year! I really enjoyed meeting and performing with everyone. Please let me know if you are ever in Nashville or Charleston, SC, I’ll be glad to help you any way I can. You are all my new best friends.

Mike Baldwin: Thanks for putting on a super kickass festival. Easily the best comedy festival there is. I had a ton of fun, told some jokes, made some new friends, had some drinks, made out with a drunk girl or two, and shook some very important hands. Totally worth it!

Joel Bryant: Who knew a quick jaunt to Atlanta for the weekend would change my whole career perspective…..In a great way? Fantastic talent, good people, great venues, lots of laughs, and the guiding philosophy of the festival made it an absolute winner!

Linda Stogner: Amazing experience! So fun performing and meeting everybody! I loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I am so proud to have been a part of it! I will tell the world how great LSCF is. Awesomeness across the board!

Adam Mamawala: The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival was by far the most professional, well-organized, comic-friendly festival I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s frankly not even close. Most importantly it was crazy fun.

Bill Boronkay: It wasn’t just that 5 of the 6 shows I was on were sold out, that we had 4 informative seminars with professionals from different facets of the industry or that the competition was filled with insanely talented comedians… actually, yea that was what is was about. But may have had more fun bs-ing with everyone off stage. Flew home more motivated than ever.

Sam Zayvan: What nice thing can I say about the Laughing Skull Festival that hasn’t already been said? Everything about it was done perfectly. It also taught me how to love again.

Shane Torres: My last night in Atlanta and I want to say I have had a blast in your amazing city. The festival was incredible and I hope to see you all soon.

Joe Zimmerman: Great to see everyone! Hope you will all keep in touch. Seriously though, I need EVERY one of you to check in with me on a regular basis and say nice things… Class of 2013, don’t change, LYLAS!

Jenny Rachael: Thank you to everyone for making this festival fun, supportive, and push me to the comedy limits! I’ve never worked with a group of such talented, amazing people and I feel honored. Congrats to those who placed and to everyone who put in their hard work, talent, and sweat to make this festival wonderful!

Sara Armour: This was such a pleasure!! I feel like I just got back from comedy camp. So grateful for the experience and proud to have performed with all you studs.

Matt Pharr: This was so much fun. It was great meeting new friends and seeing old ones. I can’t wait to see you folks when I’m on the road this summer.

Kevin Seefried: This was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in comedy. Incredibly cool to be included in this thing amongst wonderful comics from all over who just make me want to keep getting better and better. Great rooms, great crowds, great comics.



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